Every year the recruiting timeline for internship programs offered by financial services firms has been accelerated. These days, investment banks expect summer analyst candidates to be ready for applications and interviews by the spring of their sophomore year.

This not only puts pressure on underclassmen to gain a sense of what they want to do earlier, it also allows much less time for preparation. BUFC is dedicated to preparing its younger members for recruiting by providing resources and offering highly relevant experience that cannot be found elsewhere at Boston University.


Your resume is a one page summary of your accomplishments, interests, and experience up until this point in time. It is important to utilize the space you have while also making it as easy to read as possible.

Be careful of using industry jargon that you do not feel comfortable speaking about in-depth during an interview and be sure that your formatting is consistent. When applying to roles where attention to detail is key, it is crucial to have a resume that is clean, organized, and compelling to its targeted audience.

Below are some resources for creating a resume:


Having a strong resume won’t get you far unless someone actually sees it. This brings us to the importance of networking and maintaining long-term relationships. For many people, networking is often intimating and uncomfortable. However, over time and with the right approach it will feel much more natural. The best way to think about networking is like any other friendship or professional relationship. Ask genuine questions and express your interest in learning more about what the person does. Don’t be too pushy, and never start with an ask.

Below are some resources for how to most effectively network:

Interview Preparation

After successfully creating a solid resume and utilizing your network, the only thing standing between you and a coveted internship is the interview. In general, interviews consist of both behavioral and technical questions. It is important to master both types of questions in order to stand a chance against competing candidates. Make sure your answers are organized and put together, but be careful not to sound rehearsed.

Mentorship Program

If you need help with your resume, or if you would like help with an upcoming interview, please fill out this brief form and we will be in touch.

Mentors for Spring 2019: Marcela Vega, Oliver Vinograd, Justin Bartenbach, John Gillig