BUFC’s Quant Team exists to provide a full experience of Quant strategy development process. Our goal is to educate the participants about every step from gathering data to presenting the final algorithm to the potential investors. In doing so, we plan to establish a basis of knowledge among our analysts that would be applicable in a variety of careers that are connected to finance and data analysis. Within the team, members have the following paths to explore: – Data collection and processing. In this role, a participant would be required to analyze potential data sources, filter and pick the most suitable ones, and organize the data in an efficient and user-friendly way. – Insight generation. In this role, a participant would be exploring ways of turning our raw data into information, by coming up with ways to predict price movements under different macroeconomic and business conditions. This process involves both traditional financial approach and complex statistical analysis with regression and ML models. – Algorithm creation and presentation. In this role, a participant would be constructing and testing a functional algorithm from insights that other team members generate. After the testing period, the participant would also be responsible for preparing a presentation for potential investors. If you are interested to join, email James Bishop or Myles Hayes at jtbishop@bu.edu and mhayes18@bu.edu respectively, with short info about yourself and your experiences with computer science and finance. They will provide you a guideline for the application process that primarily consists of gaining the minimum required skill set. Applications are open all year and no experience required as long as you are ready to learn. About our team

James Bishop, head of Quant

Myles Hayes, head of Quant

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