Introduction – Program Description:
The Investment Research Division is BUFC’s premier learning platform where members are taught the basics of financial analysis and valuation. This program is the study of equity research beginning with strategic planning and financial management; moving to the analysis, financing and valuation of equity investment opportunities; and the role of each in facilitating investment, the deployment of capital and the changing face of risk-taking activities. These topics will be explored from the perspective of an investment fund’s survival and desire for continued prosperity and expansion. The program educates its members to improve growth potential through value and growth investing methods. The examination of these strategies is the focus of this course.
Some of the “Bigger” Questions this Program Addresses are:
  • Why should I care to be an investor? Which kind of investor should I be?
  • How do regular investors and portfolio managers alike create value? How to differentiate between an educated investment and a speculative gamble?
  • What synergies and conflicts exist across the various business lines and practices: investment management, investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, etc.?
  • What does it mean to have a true competitive advantage? What is a strong industry driver?
  • How and when to intrinsically and extrinsically value a company?
Importantly, through our class discussions and case-study work—each student will bring the answers to these questions into personal focus. Students are exposed to both the diagnostic and prescriptive processes of finance through group discussions led by one of the club’s trained Senior Analysts.
Course Objectives:
The main objective of the course is to provide students with the necessary theoretical and conceptual tools used in any area of finance. This course will provide an introduction and general understanding of equity research activities and the mechanics and financial analysis required to value and thoughtfully invest in a mid-cap public company. The course will provide the intellectual framework used in the equity research process: financial analysis, valuation and the mechanics of pitchbook structuring. Other learning objectives include analysis and valuation and understanding the sources of capital in the context of various transactions. The final objective of this course is to develop long-lasting connections for those involved.
Materials & Energy
Appropriate for Students Pursuing:
This course is appropriate for students who are pursuing a career in a division of a financial firm. This course is also suitable for students who have a general knowledge of corporate finance and who wish to broaden their understanding of finance by applying financial concepts and techniques to analyze activities and transactions in the realm of investment banking, equity research, and investment management. This program invites students from all majors. Specifically for Questrom Business students, this program gives participants a head-start for classes such as SM132, AC221, AC222, FE323, and many upper-division finance courses.
Main Topics:
  • Equity research and investing strategies
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Application of valuation mechanics and techniques
  • Financial modeling and comprehensive valuation analysis
  • Portfolio defense
  • Pitchbook creation and narrative composition
  • Absolutely no experience is required. We will start with the basics and gradually build up your knowledge
  • A willingness to learn and practice
The Investment Research Program 2022-2023 is the most hands-on, interactive and dynamic investment program on campus:
  • 2 Equity Pitch Competitions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • PDF Files and Exclusive Guides
  • Mentor-Mentee Programs
  • Several Opportunities for Upward and Lateral Mobility
Our Programs:
New members that join the Investment Research Division will be allocated to a group with a sector focus and then have the opportunity to display their ethic and dedication. Only then will they earn the role of Junior Analyst. Those who perform well will then be invited to interview for our Summer Analyst Program where they are able to build upon the skills they developed during their first year within the club. High performing Summer Senior Analysts are then chosen to become full-time Senior Analysts for the duration of the academic year.
Interested in Joining?
Apply for the Junior Analyst Fall 2022 Investment Research Program here. Please subscribe to BUFC’s mailing list on the main website home page and attend general meetings to stay informed about this program.
Fall 2019 Best Equity Pitch Competition Winner:
Healthcare Sector’s Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL) Created and presented by: Quentin Taylor (Senior Analyst –  2019, QST ’22), Anlin Dong (JA – 2019, QST ’22), Jason Lu (JA – 2019, QST ’23), Kaleb Dawit (JA – 2019, CAS ’22), and Ouwen Lu (JA – 2019, QST ’21). IMG_6482
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