What We Do

Boston University Finance and Investment Club is the largest undergraduate student organization in the Questrom School of Business. As a club, we serve the Boston University community in the following three ways:

  1. Give students exposure to the financial services industry by creating and nurturing relationships with professionals and by organizing various career development events
  2. Manage over ~$650,000 as part of Boston University’s endowment by investing in small-cap stocks using a value investing approach
  3. Educate the undergraduate student population through our Investment Research and Quant Research divisions


Letter from Executive Board:

Dear Students, Alumni & Administrators,

The 2018-2019 Executive Board of Boston University’s Finance and Investment Club would like to present to you our Annual Fiscal Year 2018 report. As we have gone from being a $50,000 fund back in 2015 to managing about $600,000 currently, we have grown in scale but our core values of diligence in security selection have not changed. We have continued to focus on providing attractive returns for stakeholders while being mindful of risk. We have been able to achieve this success over the years due to the dedication and drive of our club members, and the support of our alumni network and our advisors.

Since our inception in 2001, the BU Finance and Investment Club has consistently introduced and propelled interested students to pursue successful careers in finance. We do so by providing students with the education, experience and network that they need to succeed. Our Investment Research and Quant research divisions serve as an educational platform for club members of all levels of experience. We provide the experience of active portfolio management through our Investment Management division. Members gain exposure to the financial services industry through our guest speaker events, Your Future In Finance conference and Wall Street Trip. The club has continued to make progress in each of these areas. Our Investment Research division has seen consistent improvement in the quality of our pitches, along with increased engagement from junior members. With the Investment Management division, we have become more diligent in our security selection process and have also increased transparency within the team. Our newly formed Quant Research division has been working on several projects related to risk analysis, quant research, and algorithm development. Quant Research also educates members through its weekly lecture series, introducing various quant finance concepts and tools. Lastly, with respect to our events, we have increased guest speaker participation during the year, and have continued to expand our alumni network.

We thank our members, alumni, and administrators for their support and continued participation. We invite alumni to visit us in New York on the 27th of February for our Investor Summit to learn more about our club and fund performance.


Your 2018-2019 Executive Board